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There are many manufacturers in the compound bows bandwagon. So, choosing the best compound bow is hard for every enthusiastic hunter and shooter. There are so many dos and don’ts of archery. You have to account for tons of features before choosing a bow. And, most importantly, it is a must that you choose the right hunting equipment.

But how do you single out a good compound bow to buy? According to Archery 360, paying attention to dimension can help you choose the right compound bow for hunting.

Choosing a Compound: Examining Dominance, Weight, and Length

First, determine your dominant eye. The fancy name for this is “ocular dominance,” which basically means that your brain prefers visual input from one eye over the other. Your brain considers that eye’s input more “true.” Next, determine your draw length. Your archery store can measure it quickly and precisely, but here’s a DIY to estimate your draw length on your own. Whether you draw your bow with your hands or a shoulder release, like Matt Stutzman, It’s time to figure out your draw weight. This measures how many pounds you can draw, or pull back, with the bow.

choosing the best compound bow

Your dominant eye is more like a compass. It helps you to look carefully, so you know what you are shooting at even before you release the bow. The weight and length of the bow you choose will depend on your release power. A dealer in the archery store should help you determine the best length and weight.

So, you’ve determined your eye dominance, you know your draw length, and you have a precise draw weight. What’s next? Well, according to Hunter Friend, you must be as meticulous as possible before making the ultimate decision to buy a compound bow.

Compound Bow: Demystifying the Marketing Tactics

The archery industry is often plagued by a “my bow is better than your bow” mentality, as brand loyalty sometimes gets out of hand. Some bow manufacturers even seem to develop a cult-like following of shooters who’ll openly malign any other brand of bows (just visit an online archery forum). This is unfortunate for beginning archers who’ll surely hear brand-biased advice, which may or may not be helpful (or accurate). Of course, this kind of brand bias is to be expected and it isn’t unique to the archery industry. In fact, the expensive process of training you to prefer one brand over another is precisely the point of most marketing campaigns.

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Every marketer out there simply want to create an awareness about a product. The goal is to convince you to buy what they have on sale. It is best to strike a deal with a seller that’s willing to give you the value for your money.

The last step in choosing the right compound bow is to know what to pick at first. Pick a Bow has a guide that you will find really useful.

Choose the Right Compound Bow: A straightforward Guide

If you’re new to compound bows, focus on finding a bow that matches your body’s proportions and strength and think about all the extras down the road when you’ve gained more experience. It’s easy to think of compound bows as being “high tech” but it’s still a relatively simple device with few moving parts, constructed from readily available materials. In other words, technology won’t help you learn how to master the compound bow any faster than a simple, well designed one will.

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You can choose a basic compound bow. In fact, it’s best to do that if you are just getting started. Then, you can add more accessories to the compound bow as you continue to practice and become a better shooter.

Final Thoughts

It is not okay to go for any compound bow. It is important to go for the right tool. The best thing is that your archery store can help you to pick the best compound bow for your needs.