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Archery, once a male dominated sport is now becoming a sport of choice among women and children, young and old alike. People discovered that this competitive sport can also be enjoyed as a form of exercise and entertainment. With the growing diversity of its players, new designs of arrows were developed to cater to the growing needs and preferences of this new breed of archers. Among all the designs, the Compound bow is the most popular.

You can identify the bow because of its multiple strings and its cam system. The Cam is a system of pulleys found on each end of the limbs. This type of bow is popular for its widespread use in bow hunting, field and 3D archery. The ease of its use and application appeals to all types of archers. That is why there is a growing interest in the hunt for the best compound bows in the market.


We are fortunate to live in an era wherein, there is a variety in the choices of compound bows that matches the diversity of its players. Choosing your own compound bow, either for the first time or to replace another, is a very personal thing for an archer. There are certain features that you look for that will match your shooting skills or will enhance it to become better. It could be as simple as choosing the right weight of the bow, its draw strength and draw length that you are most comfortable with.

Aside from its aesthetic appearance, you are also concerned about its performance and arrow speed. It may seem complicated, but once you are involved in this sport, those little details matter. To make your search easy, we have gathered a list of the Top Rated Compound Bows in Amazon, based on its ratings and consumer reviews.

SAS Rage 70 lbs. 30” Compound Bow

The SAS Rage 70 lbs 30″ Compound Bow runs on twin cam idlers and is designed for right handed archers. It weighs 4.4 lbs., has a draw length of 25 to 31 inches, draw weight of 55 to 70 lbs., axle to axle of 35 inches and has a 70% let off. It boasts of a 270 FPS maximum speed when the arrow is released. According to user feedback this is a perfect bow to use for first time archers and for improving your shooting skills.

The bow is fully adjustable but you will have to take it to a pro shop to do the adjustments if the factory settings are not to your liking. Its performance is quite impressive because of its accuracy when you shoot your arrows. The recommended arrows to use are the 30” made carbon and aluminum. The kit contains just the bow and the manual so you will have to buy the other accessories yourself.

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Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70 lbs. 25” – 31” with Max Speed 310 FPS

The Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow is for right handed archers and first time hunters. It weighs 4.4 lbs., has a draw weight of 50-70 lbs., a draw length of 25 to 31 inches, and a brace height of 7.5”. It has a 75 to 80% left off and maximum speed of 310 FPS. The recommended arrows to use are the 30” carbon or aluminum ones which means you’ll have to buy these separately.

According to user reviews, the bow is great to use for entry level hunting. It is a bit heavy with all its features but if you are after accuracy of aim this is the bow for it. It is highly adjustable and the parts replaceable. Expert archers attest some of the attachments are not commendable but overall, it is a great arrow to use, economical for its features and they would even recommend it to others for its main purpose – outdoor hunting.

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iGlow 55 lb. Black/Silver/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 80 50 40 lbs. Crossbow

The iGlow 55 lb Compound Bow comes in a variety of colors like black, Silver and Camouflage Camo. It weighs 4 lbs., has a draw length of 27 to 29 inches, total length of 41.5” and a 70% let off. It has a draw weight of 40 to 55 lbs. and an arrow speed of 220+ FPS. The recommended arrows for this bow are 30” fiberglass, aluminum or carbon. Though there are very few customer reviews for this product, it still gained a high star rating among its users.

According to the reviews, this bow is ideal for hunting and practice shooting. One user commented that the design is a continuation of an old technology and is made overseas. Despite of that, the arrow still performs spectacularly with its precise aim and ease of shooting. What the product lacks is an instruction guide that will help the user put the bow together. They all agree though that this is an inexpensive hunting bow that works for all ages, from young archers to the elderly.

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Compound Bow Package, M1, 19-30” Draw Length, 19-70 lbs. Draw Length, 19-0 lbs. Draw Weight, 320 fps IBO Via Express Service Delivered Within 7 days

This Compound Bow Package gained high star ratings but very few consumer reviews. This nevertheless is one of the best sellers in the market with only a few items in stock. It is also one of the fastest to shoot with a 320 FPS. The kit comes with a bow and a whole set of accessories. To make the deal even sweeter, the manufacturer offers a special discount if you purchase 2 or more of the packages. You just have to wait for 7 days until you receive your orders.

As for its performance, the consumer comments show the bow is very ideal to use for hunting deer. The performance of the bow delivers more than what you will expect. The arrows that came with the package wasn’t too good for hunting but fine enough for target practice. Consumers are very happy with the quality, ease of use and durable built of this hunting bow.

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Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

The Bear Archery Brave bow set gained one of the four star ratings for a very economically priced product. One of its attractions is the free shipping though it is not eligible for international shipping. It is lightweight, has a whisker biscuit which is safer than the typical rests and the bow is durable and long lasting. It is ideal for young archers aged 8 years old and above, as well as first time archers.

Bear is a brand that is America’s #1 for youth and institutional archery. The set includes 2 safety glass arrows, 1 pin sight, a temporary tattoo and a whisker biscuit arrow rest. Most of the consumer feedback say it is an ideal gift to give to youngsters who want to learn the sport. It just has a short draw length that makes it easy to handle by kids. Some of the users claim that the manual is inconsistent with the actual specs of the product.

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Infinite Edge Bow Package

One of the top sellers in Amazon is the Infinite Edge Bow. It has an accessory package that includes a right hand bow, 3 pin Apex Sight, Hostage XL Arrow Rest, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, Tube Peep Sight and BCY string loop. There is an additional for shipping with state and international restrictions. It has an impressive 310 FPS arrow speed, 75% effective let-off, draw length of 13-30 inches and draw weight of 5 -70 lbs. It weighs very light at 3.1 lbs. It’s a right handed hunting bow for young archers and first time bow fishers.

According to consumer reviews, it’s a fantastic youth bow that can be used by first time adult archers. The bow offers features that other bows in the market don’t have. The draw length and poundage is highly adjustable to your preference. It’s a very flexible bow that even tall archers appreciate. The users love the accuracy of this bow.

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Martin Threshold Bow Set

The Martin Threshold bow set garnered one of the highest star ratings. It is one of the lightest full sized hunting bows that has a durable riser, and powerful limbs that can shoot arrows at 310 FPS. It’s a fully adjustable bow that makes it ideal for youth archers and first time bow hunters. This fully machined, aluminum, single cam bow is sold with a full set of interchangeable accessories that allows easy adjustment of the draw weight and draw length. It includes a Mantis rest, Fiber optic Striker Sight and Twist Lock 6-arrow Quiver.

According to the reviews, it’s a reasonably priced arrow kit that has a pretty accurate aim for its weight. It’s a fast shooter for its size. It’s easy to hold the bow, aim and fire. The product kit doesn’t have a manual of instructions, no stabilizer, arrows, D-loop and peep sight.

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PSE Prophecy 70-Pound Skull works Bow

The PSE Prophecy is one of the bestsellers in Amazon with the highest star rating. It is such a bestseller there’s only 1 piece left in stock! It is the fastest single cam bow with an arrow speed of 340 FPS. It has only one color design in Camo, it comes with a planar flex riser, 25-30 inch draw length, and past-parallel limb technology. Though it’s on the list of high end products, it offers a 30 day money back warranty and free shipping.

As its name suggests, it has a futuristic design of things to come. It is a very fast, smooth and accurate for a single cam bow. It’s a durable, heavyweight bow built for left hand archers. According to users, this is a very accurate bow, with a firm grip but a bit too loud with the vibration. For hard-core bow hunters, this is the set they are looking for.

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Velocity Youth Archery Race 4×4 compound box package

The Velocity Youth Archery Race 4×4 Compound Box Package arrow set gained high star ratings in Amazon and is one of the bestselling affordably priced items with free shipping. The bow is available in combat black finish, it measures 19 to 29 inches draw length which is adjustable. Its weight range is 15 to 55 lbs. It has a mass weight of 3.2 lbs. which is ideal for a young archer and women, or if you just don’t want to carry a heavy bow when hunting or you are looking for an excellent bow fishing rig.

According to user reviews, this right handed bow has a very excellent and smooth exterior finish. It is of very good quality and performance with a very accurate aim. It might be small in size and be mistaken for a toy bow but don’t be fooled, it has professional archery features! It comes with accessories like a composite 3-pin fiber optic sight, 4 arrow quiver, a fall away arrow rest, and 2-2018 aluminum arrows of 30” with 100 grain field points.

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Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set / 2 Safety Glass Arrows/ Ideal for kids and teenagers

The Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set is a very affordable bow kit with free shipping, this is one of the products that has gained very high star status but very few customer feedback. The bow is made of aluminum from the US. It has powerful max-preload quad limbs and an advanced grip design that removes hand torque for better accuracy. It has a draw length of 12 to 30 inches and includes offset string suppressors.

According to the customer reviews, the bow is ideal for young archers and women to use for sharpening their skill in archery. It is lightweight, aims perfectly and draws smoothly. It comes fully assembled, has adjustable settings and is easy to use. Perfect to give as gifts and will be highly appreciated by first time archers. It’s a very quiet bow with low vibration yet impressive performance. Suitable for left and hand archers too. It comes with a manual and all the essential pieces for teaching archery.

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In 1960, the first compound bow was invented by Holless Wilbur Allen, Jr. It took several years and several designs before he perfected the first compound bow. It was finally granted a patent in December 1969 and to this day, only PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment) has retained the right in manufacturing bows in the exact design of Allen’s concept.

The parent company of Browning Archery (formerly Archery Research) is PSE. Fortunately, there are several types of compound bows that evolved from the original design. The evolution of these various types of bows were the result of the increase in the different preferences and needs of the players.

With so many choices out in the market, it may be difficult to choose the best compound bows especially if you are just a beginner to the sport or you are already an expert and want some special effects to improve your skills. By reading a lot of compound bow reviews, you will be well educated on the features to look for and decide which one suits your needs.


The simplest of all the compound bows, this design involves an idler wheel on the top end of the bow and an elliptical power-cam at the other. It uses only one bus cable and one string. The single cam bow has a smooth draw and quiet release making it one of the easiest bows to use and learn.

This equipment is highly recommended for first time archers and beginners of the sport. It is the least expensive bow and due to its basic design it requires the least maintenance.

The downside is, it does not exert too much force in releasing an arrow much less make a kill an animal during a hunt. It is best to use for target practise or in learning the basics of archery that is why it is often recommended for kids. The design of this bow is too basic making it harder to tune.


The design of this bow is a combination of two different kinds of cams. One end of the limb is a control cam and on the bottom end of the other limb is a power cam. There are 3 types of cables connecting these two cams. These are the bow string, control cables and the bus cables. It is called the hybrid because it is a collaboration of features from a solo and twin cam bow. This model requires both cams to stop or rotate simultaneously.

The downside of this model is that more often than not, the two cams do not work at the same time or exert the same force. This causes reduced nock travel and a few timing issues. These can be resolved with a trip to the pro shop. Otherwise, this model perform exceptionally because the bow is known to be very quick and smooth with its release.


This type of bow used 2 cams or pulley systems that are exactly synchronized with each other. These pulley could be round or elliptical and located on each end of the limbs. It also makes use of 2 bus cables and a bow string. One way to identify this model is to look for the signature yokes that hold the cams on each end of the limbs.

This bow has a solid back, very accurate aim, makes use of limb stops, level nock travel and arrows are shot in high speed. A downside of this model is that due to its complexity, it requires more tuning and maintenance checks. Otherwise, it’s an excellent hunting bow, it’s very quick with rarely an issue with its timing. Because of its strength, you have to develop a firm grip on this bow when using it. That’s the reason why it’s preferred by more seasoned archers.


Very similar to the twin cams, the binary cams also has the feature of two cams that are synchronized with each other. The perfectly balanced cams are situated on both ends of the limb but are “slaved” or attached to each other. This means they move exactly in the same manner. The cams rotate in the same direction, with the same rate and force exerted. When the string is drawn and the arrow release is activated, the arrow is shot with ultimate precision, with a very high velocity and accuracy of aim.

This model boasts of a level nock travel, which ensures the arrow stays in place and comes out of your bow in a straight trajectory. Another distinct feature of this bow is it makes use of a bow string and 2 control cables. This bow if perfect to use by professional archers when they are out hunting for big game.


To summarize briefly, in choosing your first compound bow it must match up your eye dominance. It must also have draw length settings or cams that have adjustable draw length settings so you can modify it according to your form and as you grow with your skill. The bow must also has a light draw weight, so it will not be hard for you to control your shoot and draw your arrow.

For first time archers, it will be more practical and economical if you make the first purchase with the most affordable price. The bow is a worthy purchase if you can make the necessary adjustments or additions on it that will enable you to use it at least for the next 6 months while you are still honing your skills. Below is a list of the basic features you must look for when purchasing a compound bow. You may have heard of these terminologies a lot so we will explain in detail what they are about.


Eye dominance is the archer’s visual preference. It is either the left or right eye that you want to use when you are aiming your arrow. Eye dominance could be strong or weak and doesn’t affect your hand dominance at all. There are studies that show that 2/3rd of the population are right eye dominant and 1/3 are left. Knowing which eye is dominant is important when choosing a bow. Usually, the hand you use in drawing the string is on the same side of your dominant eye.

To be able to tell which is you dominant eye, here are the easy tests:

  • Visualize an object that is located 10 to 20 feet away from you
  • Fully stretch your arms and hold out your hand. Create a circle with a 1 inch diameter
  • Keep both of your eyes open and use the circle to visually frame the object
  • While keeping your eye on the object, slowly pull your hands towards your face
  • Your hands will instinctively go to back to your dominant eye

There are rare cases that the archer does not have an eye preference. In this case, it is preferable to use the dominant hand in drawing the bow.


This is the distance from the nock point of the bow to the throat of the grip adding 1 ¾ inches. Simply, this the length of the arrow that you will need to use. To measure the draw length, stand against the wall with your back and stretch your arms out. Measure the distance from the middle finger of your left hand all the way to the middle finger of your right hand. It is basically the length of both arms and hand plus your chest. Minus 15 from the total and divide it by 2. That is your draw length.

Do not make your draw length longer than it is because it will affect the accuracy of your aim. Wingspan is your height in inches. Height minus 15 and divided by 2 is also your draw length. Using these metrics, it should be a very good starting point when you are buying your first bow.


This is the measurement of the length between the cams attached to the limbs of the bow. Cams are the wheel like devices that provides power to the bow. This measurement is important in selecting a bow that is fit for the type of hunting that you intend to do. You will not want a very long bow when you are hunting from the ground and you are “blind” due to space constraints. If you prefer to hunt stationed on a tree stand with open platforms then a longer bow is more appropriate.

With a longer bow, the axle-to-axle measurement is more forgiving when you are trying longer arrow shots. When shopping for a bow, ask for the assistance of a professional in determining the right measurements that fits your hunting needs. One tip would be to measure from the center of your top axle to the center of your bottom axle. The measure if taken with maxed out limb bolts to determine the exact distance.


It is the amount of effort or work you need to exert in order to fully draw the bow. The measurement is expressed in pounds. In selecting a bow, pull the string back slowly and smoothly in order to measure your draw weight. A draw weight of 50 pounds indicates that the bow is sufficient enough to hunt for a white tail rabbit.

The rule of thumb is, the higher the draw weight means the faster the bow can release the arrow. With this you will need heavier arrow points and arrows. Compound bows are adjustable once it is over the 10 to 15# range. The weights are listed with the limbs bottomed out or on its maximum peak weight. The bow increases the peak weight then drops it to the holding weight.

The holding weight is usually 20 to 30% of peak weight. This means if an archer is using a 60# bow, it will hit 60# during the draw cycle, and drop down to 15# holding weight during anchor.

When selecting a bow, you can use the chart below as reference for your draw weight:

  • Small child 50-70 lbs. 10-15 lbs.
  • Child 70-100 lbs. 15-25 lbs.
  • Most women, boys from 100 – 130 lbs. 30-40 lbs.
  • Women above average strength; youth boys 130 – 150 lbs. 40-50 lbs.
  • Most men 150-180 lbs. Target 40-55 lbs.
  • Most men 150-180 lbs. Bow hunting or 3D 50-65 lbs.
  • Muscular young men and larger men 180 lbs. and up 60-70 lbs.


No doubt, compound bows are the most popular type of bows in the US. It is any type of bow that makes use of cams, a pulley system or cables on a bow. The main goal of all these components is to reduce the amount of weight the archer needs to hold when fully drawing the bowstring.

This gives him the ease to use the bow, making him concentrate more on aiming for the target. In traditional archery, part of the challenge is to have a controlled and steady aim while holding on to the maximum draw weight. Pulleys enable compound bows to eliminate the difficulty in drawing the bowstring back on a bow with a high draw weight.

Cams are pulley systems that are found at the tips of a bow’s limbs and are asymmetrical in shape. These are designed to provide comfort and generate speed. The cams were designed to achieve a lesser drawing weight when drawing the string to make it easier to hold on to for a longer period. With these two parts, aiming is less difficult and it enhances the speed and accuracy of the arrow upon its release.

Increased speed is important not just because it makes the arrow travel farther, but also simplifies aiming and a flatter trajectory. Faster arrows also increase your chances of successfully killing an animal during a hunt. Ease in aiming and faster speed of arrows are the two stellar benefits of using a compound bow.


Seasoned bow hunters will agree that compound pound bows are the best equipment to use in outdoor hunting and indoor target practise. The design of this bow provides the convenience and ease of aiming the arrow with the least difficulty and a faster speed upon its release.

Hunting may be a tedious sport so bow hunters will need the comfort compound bows provide. Its ability to shoot precisely at targets from a far distance can be truly gratifying to a seasoned bow hunter. Once you indulge in this outdoor sport, you will discover all the challenges that need to be met with excellent archery equipment.

Possessing a superb piece of simple engineering that makes a huge impact on your shooting performance is definitely like having a feather in your cap. This is what a compound bow is exactly all about. That is why this bow is a priced possession of professional archers.