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Archery has gained national attention recently as an outdoor sport that anyone can enjoy. The bow and arrow was initially associated with medieval times when it was primarily used for hunting and warfare. Now it is recognized as a competitive sport at the same time a recreational activity that even women and children can participate in.

There are special kinds of bows that were created for this new breed of archers. Compound bows were designed so there is less force required to hold the string when it is fully drawn so that the archer can concentrate on aiming with less stress on the muscles. A good compound bow for women should help them perform their shooting seamlessly in the sport with less effort and body pain.

It can be daunting to choose an archery kit, especially if it’s your first time and you would want to have the best women’s compound bow. To learn more about the features you should look for in a compound bow, you do a search on the internet or read a lot of women’s compound bow reviews. These could be very helpful in making your first purchase and make your first archery experience truly memorable.


Female archers are perplexed when choosing the best Compound bow for a woman because most of the time these bows are designed for men to use. Selecting a bow is a very personal thing because if you choose the wrong one it will greatly affect your shooting style. Every bow is designed to fit your specifications so that it will work properly. You have to select carefully because if one distinct feature is not in sync with your requirements, it can be the cause of your handicap. You must pick the bow with a draw length that matches your draw length measurements. Though there could be a few options, the designs were produced to compliment the female anatomy.

We have searched the internet for the top selling compound bows with the best reviews. The equipment, which is now designed to be gender specific, is making its rounds online as best sellers in Amazon.

Atropos-120 archery hunting compound bow, 20-70 lbs. draw weight

The Atropos 10 Archery Compound Bow is a professional compound bow for right and left handed archers that boasts of an IBO rating reaching speeds of 320 fps. The bow weight is 3.6 lbs., axle-to-axle 30 inches, brace height 8”, draw weight of 20 to 70 lbs., draw lengths of 17 to 29 inches and a let off of 75%. It is an ideal bow to use for first time archers because it is lightweight, shoots nicely and easy to use. The kit comes with basic necessities like the string shock silencer, peep sight, compass, loop, dampers, a 4 arrow quiver, target paper and the manual. The bow is CNC machined and made of aluminium riser with double limbs making it very durable and has an extended lifespan.

According to users, the bow works efficiently, the aim is very accurate, it is light, shoots fast and smooth, and it is shock-free and very silent because of less vibration. But since this model is very simple and basic, eventually you will need to upgrade to a more complete kit as your skill improves.

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ATROPOS-120 archery hunting PRO compound bow set 20-70 lbs. draw weight

The Atropos 10 PRO Compound bow kit comes complete with all the essentials needed for first time archers. It has a bow, a d-loop, peed sight, 5 pin opt sight, brush arrow rest, rubber stabilizer, rubber dampers, 4 arrow quiver, string silencer set, wrist sling, stainless steel, release aid, Allen wrench set, string wax, target paper, carbon arrows and the manual. Ideal to use and give as a gift to first time archers. The bow is easy to assemble and adjust. It shoots very smoothly, quickly and it’s very silent.

According to users, experienced archers would recommend using a different release and set of arrows, also adding a kisser button to improve the performance in shooting. The arrows seems to be a bit too heavy for first time users and weight does affect the speed of flight. Still, it will all depend on the user’s preference if they will settle for the kit or put add ons to improve its performance.

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ATROPOS-127 Archery hunting compound bow adjustable right & left handed bow, 35-65 lbs. draw weight

The Atropos 127 Compound Bow is a durable and sturdy equipment made of CNC machined cams with slide modules system. The materials used are light-weighted magnesium riser with anti-slippery grip, imported fiberglass limbs and high-strength Dyneema string. It is ideal for use with right and left handed archers. It boasts of an IBO rating of up to 300 fps, axle to axle 30 inches, draw weight of 35 to 65 lbs., draw length of 24.5 to 30 adjusted, brace height 7-1/2, let off 75% and bow weight of 4.3 lbs. The kit contains a few essentials like the bow, d-loop, peep sight, dampers and Allen key.

According to users, this bow is quite light and easy to shoot with. There is less vibration and no noise. It’s very flexible since it has an ambidextrous feature. You’ll need to do a lot of adjustment on the length and weight due to factory settings. One drawback is that the package did not contain any manual of instructions which will make it difficult for first time users.

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ATROPOS-109 Archery hunting compound bow set right and left hand bow

The Atropos 109 is a lightweight bow is ideal for first time bow hunters because of its ambidextrous feature. Left and right hand archers can use this for target practice or learning the basics of archery. It has a newly patented triangle shaped design, made of fibreglass limbs doubled on each end and with a super ABS riser. Its unique release mechanism makes target shooting really easy and saves you muscle energy while aiming.

What users did not like about this is that it is too lightweight to be used for hunting. It has a relatively slow IBO rating of up to 260 fps. With these specs, the product does not perform as it was advertised. Its other features and add-ons however make it ideal for use for target practise or learning the first steps. It comes with a d-loop, peep sight, 5 pin opt sight, brush arrow rest, hand-held release said, bow bag, carbon arrow, string wax, target paper and set spanner.

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ATROPOS-110 archery youth compound bow right handed bow kit 15-20 lbs. draw weight

The Atropos 110 Compound bow is ideally designed for young archers which makes it perfect for first time archers and women as well. It has the same functions as the full-sized bows scaled down to a lighter weight. It has an IBO rate of 80-100 fps; a bow weight of 1.6 lbs., draw weight of less than 20 lbs., draw length of 15 to 20 inches, brace height 6 inches, axle to axle of 26” and let off of 60%. The kit also contains a sight, arrow rest, arm guard, finger tab and aluminum arrow.

According to expert archers who have purchased the product, it’s a great set to use for youngsters and first time archers. But because of the size, women may find it too small for their taste. The draw strength is very minimal so you can practice the skill and build up the strength along the way. Because this kit is very basic, you will eventually have to upgrade to another bow kit as you increase your skill level.

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There are very few archery kits that are very ideal for women’s use. It was only in the previous years that women have expressed their interest in the sport so they had to contend with the equipment available for them. It was the equipment used by children that women had to start using when they entered the sport of archery.

Eventually, there are a few models have been released to address this need. There is also an issue about using the left and right hand with this bows and hand preference is now becoming a focal point of most manufacturers. Below is a list of bow kits, though not as popular as the ones mentioned above, they are worth looking into for some unique features that you may be looking for. There is still room for improvement for these products, but they will suffice the demands of the sport for the meantime.


More and more women are now trying out archery as their sport of preference. Some of them see this as a graceful sport which they can use as an indoor or outdoor exercise. Others indulge in the sport due to the hunting aspect. Depending on their location, some women envision themselves hunting for turkey or deer using the traditional way – with an arrow.

It is very interesting to know that with this renewed vision of the sport, arrows were designed to suit the requirements of female archers and neophyte archers. Compound bows are ideal to use because of their durability and simplicity. We have compiled a list of the best compound bows for women so it will be easier for you to decide which one fits your shooting style. The bows are classified according to the type of cam system used. Cams is the kind of levering system incorporated into the design of the bow. It involves the cables and pulleys that bend the ends of the bow called the “limbs”.


Here are a few things you have to consider before buying your first compound bow.

Also, make sure to check out our definite compound bow buying guide here.

Keep your choices simple. If you have just started with archery and you are not yet familiar with the use of compound bows, concentrate on obtaining one that will match your power and body measurements. Once you have gained more experience with the sport, you can already figure out what other extras like equipment or accessories you will need.

Determine your force. It may be tempting to buy a compound bow that claims it can shoot at an incredible speed with a far distance. That’s the role of advertising, to make you buy things you don’t necessarily need. You must remember in order to achieve that kind of speed you will need the muscle strength to pull the bowstrings. No matter what kind of bow you buy, it will all depend on the amount of strength that you will apply that determines the results. So it is better to buy a bow that you are more comfortable using with your current skill level. As you get better with your skills, you can always buy a new bow as an upgrade.

Find out what your choices are. When shopping for a compound bow, you must know the technical considerations of the equipment that has a great effect on your aim and performance. The technical considerations are:


  • Axle length – the compound bow’s length. The short bows are easier to manipulate but harder to shoot so it requires more practice to perfect. This is preferred by hunters who position from tree stands. Longer bows are more appropriate if you’re a beginner in this sport.
  • Draw length – distance from the grip to the drawstring when it is fully drawn. You can have this adjusted at any pro shop. Having more draw length has a negative impact on your aim and speed so it will be better to go with less when going for an adjustment.
  • Brace height – distance from grip to the bowstring when the bow is at rest. A faster bow has a lower brace height but is more difficult to shoot with. A higher brace height is the exact opposite. The average brace height of a compound bow is 7” but it is best to choose one that matches your preferences.
  • Draw weight – it is the amount of effort or work you need to fully draw your bow expressed in pounds. When choosing a bow, see if you can pull the string back in a slow and smooth motion. The bow that has a draw weight of 50 pounds is more than enough to use in hunting a white rabbit. Remember the rule: higher draw weight equals faster bow, needs heavier arrows and arrow points.

Overall bow weight – consider this if you plan to use the bow for hunting. It will be easier to carry lighter bows when you go hunting in the woods but they vibrate louder. Heavier bows may be troublesome to carry but they are quieter to use because they absorb the vibration.


Women no longer have to settle for using a bow designed for children when they are starting out to learn archery. Traditionally a male dominated sport, female archers has crossed the line by establishing a firm presence in Archery. Female bow hunters can now avail of bows that have the same features as those designed for men only but in a lighter weight scale. What draws women in buying compound bows is not only based on its attractive feminine designs, but on the full scale features it offers in enhancing their play and accuracy.

With compound bows, they are given the option to adjust the draw lengths and weights according to their preference and body measurements. This allows more women to be active in competitions and fully enjoy the sport as an exercise or a form of outdoor entertainment. By knowing the technical details they should look for in buying their bow kits, choosing the right equipment for archery isn’t too hard at all.

Image Credit: By Rights owned by Melissa Bachman [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons