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We are in the hunting season. For compound bow hunters, this is a good time to get your tools ready, practice for the season, and go out and do some hunting. More regions have legalized hunting for the season, but they open and close according to their state regulation.

According to Alex Countee from the ABC 57, hunting season is currently ongoing in Indiana and Michigan.

Bow hunting season starts today!

During the first two weeks of the season, big bucks can definitely be found in the wide-open fields since hunters haven’t put the pressure on them quite yet. Once we get into winter though, as they become more aware of hunters, they’ll retreat to woods like these during the day and begin to eat from the open fields at night, so plan accordingly.

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The hunting season in these two states started on October 1, 2018. The season will run until January 6, 2019.

If you are in bear hunting, and you live in New Jersey, W RAL reports that the hunting season in the region has already started.

New Jersey’s black bear hunt gets off to slow start

State wildlife officials say hunters killed 36 bears on Monday, with nearly half culled in Sussex County. That’s slightly more than the 26 that were killed on the first day of the hunt in 2017.

The six-day hunt starts just before sunrise each day. The first three days are reserved for bow hunting, while both hunting with bows and muzzle-loading guns will be allowed during the last three days.

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The hunting season in New Jersey will last for only six days. So you do not want to miss this if you must take part in deer hunting.

According to Rochester First, hunting season is also ongoing in the regions of Irondequoit. So if you live in this region, now is the best time to become part of the fun.

Deer bow hunting starts Tuesday in Irondequoit

If you plan on hunting, make sure the property you go to is pre-approved by police. To take part, you have to pass a proficiency test. And hunting is only permitted on school days from sunrise to noon.

The season usually takes place through the second week of December. But the town could choose to end it before that.

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The deer hunt in this region will run through the second week of December 2018, so you have about a month and two weeks for bow deer hunting.


If you live in the regions mentioned in this article, and you love to use compound bows, now is definitely the best time to take advantage of the hunting season.