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This hunting season has revealed something quite interesting: crossbows are becoming quite popular compared to traditional and compound bows. Despite lacking what many archers would call visual appeal, many hunters seem to be drawn towards using them as opposed to longbows, recurve bows, or compound bows.

According to P.J Reilly, an author at Lancaster Online, many hunters used crossbow in last year’s hunting than in the previous years.

Crossbows account for majority of PA archery deer kills

The domination of crossbows over other bows during Pennsylvania’s archery deer season continues to grow. Last year, archery hunters bagged 59,550 bucks and 49,690 antlerless deer, according to Pennsylvania Game Commission figures. That combined total accounted for about 32 percent of the state’s overall deer kill of 333,254. Interestingly, as the crossbow kill has accounted for more and more of the archery harvest, the archery harvest has accounted for more of the overall, annual deer kill. But the growth there has not been as dramatic.

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According to the report, close to 60% of all the deer were taken down by crossbows, which is almost a 10% increase from the previous years.

Although Times Leader doesn’t show any distinctive advantage of hunters using crossbows over archers who use compound bows, the obsession of the former is obvious.

Outdoors: As archery season approaches, crossbows dominate

According to data from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, those using crossbows accounted for 51 percent of the archery harvest during the 2013-14 season. That percentage has increased every year, and last archery season 61 percent of the harvest was from hunters using crossbows.

Still, PGC spokesman Travis Lau said agency surveys don’t indicate that archery hunters using crossbows hold a distinct advantage over those using vertical bows.

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The increase in the number of compound bow – by far – is clearly seen in the annual deer harvest, even as archery season in some states approaches.

According to Sun Journal’s outdoors author, V. Paul Reynolds, crossbows have simple and easy to follow rules.

Outdoors in Maine: Crossbows gaining respect, being used more

A crossbow provides additional hunting opportunities, especially for older folks or people with physical limitations. This is a good thing. Once the Rodney Dangerfield of Maine hunting devices, the crossbow has “arrived” so to speak, and, while it will never take on the swashbuckling aura of the conventional bows, Maine hunting regulations now validate the legitimacy of the once-maligned crossbow.

Not unlike our state fishing regulations, the new crossbow regulations are anything but simple. Here are the crossbow rules and regulations as best as I can fathom them:

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The simplicity of the rules related to crossbow could be part of the reasons why they are popular than guns and compound bows during archery seasons.


Just because crossbows are said to be popular in archery seasons doesn’t mean they are any superior to the best compound bows. You can use either to shoot your target. The goal is to hunt a deer down by any means possible.