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Archery season is usually the best time for people that love to use their tools to hunt game. And if you are one of them, it means time to go out and have some fun in the hunting field. For Pennsylvania hunters that love to use firearms to hunt their target, this is often the best time to go hunting.

According to a report published by Marcus Schneck on the Penn Live, there will be a change in the dates of firearm deer hunting season as of this year.

Saturday opener for deer hunting season gains first-round approval by Game Commission

Commissions at their meeting on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to an opening day for deer season of Saturday, November 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. By advancing the opener to Saturday, commissioners will expand the firearms season to 13-days, including 3 Saturdays rather than 2 under the current season schedule.

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The changes in the dates have not been confirmed yet. If the commission gives its final approval to the changes in dates, the dates will change to Saturday after Thanksgiving.

A report published on Fox 43 states that the move to change the dates haven’t been initiated yet, but there is a plan to do so.

State Game Commission considers moving start of firearms deer season to Saturday after Thanksgiving

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will consider moving the first day of firearms deer season to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Board of Game Commissioners announced Tuesday. The move, which will be voted on in April, would create a 13-day season that would include three Saturdays, the Board said. It is one of several proposals the board will weigh in the coming months.  The Board will vote on it at its next quarterly meeting, scheduled for April 8-9.

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The board is expected to vote for or against the proposal to change the dates of the hunting season in their next quarterly meeting in April.

According to York Dispatched a change in the dates of the hunting season will favor every person that loves to hunt, including those that go to school.

Pa. Game Commission gives tentative approval to Saturday opener for firearms buck season

Tuesday, however, the Pennsylvania Game Commission tentatively approved moving the opening date to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The proposal, which garnered unanimous tentative approval from the commissioners, states that opening the season on Saturday fits better with the schedules of younger hunters who have to work or attend school on Monday.

As proposed, deer hunting with firearms would begin this year on Nov. 30, a Saturday, and continue through Dec. 6 for bucks only. From Dec. 7-14, hunters could shoot deer with or without antlers. The new deer season would cover 13 days, including three Saturdays.

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If the changes are approved, young hunters will be able to take part in the season without interfering with their school program.


Although the changes in the dates have not been fully approved yet, there is already a lot of support for the same from different commissioners.