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The hunting season is halfway in different regions in the United States. And we know you are having a lot of fun in the field. But how seriously do you take your safety this season? As you continue to use your compound bow, a crossbow, or hunting gun, depending on your state, remember to stay safe. With that said, here are some safety tips to observe during the hunting season.

According to Russ Anglehart from the Reading Eagle, the first way to stay safe during the hunting season is to take safety seriously.

Safety should be first priority this hunting season

Whether out for small game or deer, remember one’s own health and well being. The value of basic safety precautions should be on the minds of hunters this fall as they head out to field and forest for a new season, whether it be for small game, archery or regular firearms deer.

The younger among us may feel invincible, but for a great many, the passing years are typically not kind to the body, especially those over, say, age 50. Given today’s busy lifestyles, regular exercise is seldom included in the schedule.

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This means giving safety the number one priority, even before you go to the field to start hunting whatever it is you are allowed to hunt in your state.

According to Stacia Kulakowski, a news reporter at WSAW, hunters should do everything possible to prepare for the harsh weather.

Stay safe this gun hunting season with these safety tips

“Big mistakes we see are not preparing for the weather, not dressing appropriately and developing hypothermia, knowing your heath conditions and if your at risk for a heart attack so as not to over exert yourself, and hunters not telling others where they will be sitting in case they don’t return,” Nitzke said.

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To hunt well in different weather conditions, make sure you bring the right hunting gear that you can use in the fields.

According to Christina Bauert from Centex Proud, a hunter must never go to the hunting field with their gun loaded.

Staying safe during hunting season

Ragan says it is important to know what’s behind your target when shooting.  He says, “You don’t wanna shoot into an animal, into a house, a car, something else.”

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife hunters are prohibited to drink alcohol while hunting and must wear an orange outfit and a hat on public lands.  Ragan says, “You wanna make sure that if you do run across other hunters you wear bright orange so clearly you are not mistaken for any deer or game type of animal.”

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Instead, only load your gun when you are already in the hunting field. And hunt only in the areas you are allowed so that you can keep both you and the public safe.


You must never forget that safety comes first. Also, remember that every state has their safety regulations, which you should observe during this hunting season.