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Archery is one of the oldest arts in human history. And we have seen a lot of development, from simple archery and hunting tools to the most advanced compound bow systems in modern history. The art of archery is what brings up the question about Boise Parks and Recreation, and what they plan to do with the military archery range.

An article written for KIVI TV by Steve Dent shows that the department held a meeting to discuss the relocation of the military archery range.

Boise Parks and Recreation looks for feedback on relocating the Military Reserve archery range

The four locations include two different spots in the Military Reserve area, one at the police shooting range and the other next to the cemetery. Two other locations being talked about include a spot at Veterans Memorial Park and at the undeveloped Murgoitio Site in southwest Boise.

“We think we have found a suitable place for the archery range,” said Doug Holloway the director of the Boise Parks and Recreation Department. “We feel like we have finally moved the musical chairs.”

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While the meeting was held in early January, the story further developed in the month of February and is as follows.

A new report by Nichole Blanchard from Idaho Statesman states that the commissioners have voted for the relocation of the archery range to the neighborhood.

Boise Parks and Rec OKs plans to relocate archery range. Here’s where it’ll go

Parks and Rec officials weighed several relocation options. The now-approved shooting range plan was their preferred location. In a public meeting last month, officials said the shooting range — which is now rarely used by police since the opening of an improved shooting range on Kuna Mora Road in 2017 — had “everything we need” for an archery range in terms of topography, parking and other amenities.

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The department is currently working on the project plan, but they have not revealed when exactly the plan will be complete.

According to Xavier Ward from the Idaho Press, the commissioners have already completed the evaluation of the best place to relocate the range.

Boise Parks and Recreation Commission opts to keep archery range within Military Reserve

“There was a pretty intensive remediation that was made, probably about a year ago,” he said.

Additionally, use of the gun range has slowed, as there is another site police use more frequently for shooting practice. “The police would continue to use the other portion of this site as an active shooting range, but they would only be up there on an intermittent basis,” he said. Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway said police are “very much on board.”

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Even though the police gun area is likely the best spot to move the range, the commissioners still have a contamination issue to address.


Another issue that the commissioner has to deal with is the concerns of the neighborhood. They will have to look at the closeness of the site to the trail, parking, as well as fire before making the final judgment on the relocation.