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Archery is a practice, sport or skill of propelling an arrow using a bow. In most of the stories we hear, archery was used for combat and hunting. Nowadays, it is simply a competitive and a recreational sports activity, no wonder shooting compound bows is now even suitable for kids. Here are the three reasons why your child should learn archery.

A post published by DPSGS shows that archery is more of a game kids can play in both indoor and outdoor setting. Because kids love to play indoors and outdoors, archery makes a good sport for them to try. Even kids with disability can participate in archery because they can shoot while seated.

It’s an all-year-round sport

When your child learns to behave well outside the classroom, it will have a strong impact in their classroom behavior. Once kids understand that they can only shoot when they follow the rules, they will adhere to the rules. It’s a magical approach which works for children.

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Being an all-year-round sport, archery for kids is quite safe. According to Archery Trade Association, a child can play this game without really hurting themselves in the process.

Whenever it comes to outdoor archery tournaments, the sport is able to help your Childs’ body absorb Vitamin D from the sun for healthy bone formation- this is according to Archery 360. Do not mind the setting, archery will still help build your Childs’ chest, core, shoulder and back muscles.

Improve Physical Health

Archery provides a great goal-setting environment. Archers can adapt their goals as they improve by increasing distances and focusing on smaller target rings. Whether students are first-timers or Olympic-hopefuls like Emily Bee, archery fits their growing needs.

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When a child learns to focus, their mental health improves with time. The more they take part in archery, the healthier they are likely to become.

Archery is a game that is enjoyed by different people with different kinds of lifestyles. It is a game that has no age limit since nearly all age groups can participate (with children as young as 6 or 7 years).  Real Buzz explains that archery teaches children the benefits of teamwork and as they interact they cultivate good relation.

It is a very social sport

Archery can be done by able bodied and disabled people. People with the most severe disabilities and even the blind, using special tactile equipment are able to join in.

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In addition to teaching kids about teamwork, this sport also teaches them to be responsible and very keen during shooting.


For the youngsters, the act of being patient is cultivated in them. Great practice is required for your kid to reach a more decent standard. The level itself can’t be reach if your kid isn’t dedicated and does not have patience.